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About Us

Thank you for visiting our website. 

 Hi, My name is Pam Brickhouse in Atlanta, GA.  This shop began as a hobby that grew into a business.  My daughter and I started making bracelets for fun.   As we wore them, friends and family started asking us to make one for them.  Two bracelets turned into four which turned into 14.  After spending two days in the pouring down rain at an outdoor craft show, another crafter suggested we put our bracelets online.  We were amazed as the sales started rolling in and Fearfully and Wonderfully made Jewelry was launched.  

Many people ask about the name of our store.  It is taken from a verse in the Bible: Psalm 139:14.  God made each of us to be uniquely different and beautiful.  He gave to me the desire to create things with my hands and I will give thanks to Him by doing that for I am fearfully and wonderfully made as are you.